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Handbags, Jewelry, durable goods made from natural material in Viet Nam.

Dear Friends,

I am Lindy Tran, presently Founder of LindyCrafts, one who devotes to natural living. I was born and grew up in the highland of Gialai Kontum, in central Viet Nam. A place inhabited by may indigenous peoples and down to earth, but friendly locals. A place with a popular song frequently heard “Con chut gi de nho de thuong” of Music Composer Pham Duy (Poem by Vu Huu Dinh):“The mist-filled Highland CityA mountainous city with green trees, sad lowering cloudsHe, the stranger paces, how fortunate life is, still lovable with You being there”I grew up in my youth facing very difficult challenges. The people lacked opportunities to succeed. I always dreamed to do something to help them rise above the hardships and create many work opportunities for them to take care of all their family.I carried with me these yearnings in my college years at a large city. After graduation, I cultivated a company with 3000 working staff within 5 years, geared towards providing manpower for the labor markets. Most of the staff that I recruited were young graduates living in the villages and cities. I created opportunities for them to have sufficient knowledge and skills for their own personal growth and become helpful and skilled workers for businesses and the community.I had the opportunity to travel to the poor villages throughout Viet Nam and discovered the village strengths, resources, the creativity of the Vietnamese people so industrious and skillful with their crafts. The day I left my country to live and build my life in America, I carried with me my friends’ Mission. The working people held my hands and reminded me to introduce these beautiful products to the world “for us Lindy.” I yearned and dreamed to bring these beautiful crafts to the vast market in America, “the Beautiful and Spacious Sky” with a purpose to increase the presence of the strengths and creativity on each of the product made by the Vietnamese people. And today, with an intense desire that never diminished, I want to create more working opportunities for the Vietnamese people. I hope the workers’ family to have a stable income to live and their beautiful craftsmanship in many durable high quality products to reach the world, bringing nature beauty to our lives, fill their new owners with joy and meaning, and the workers’ heart and mind. All LindyCrafts products are made with natural material. Handmade bags are made from farria palm, cotton, cyperus, and water hyacinth plants. Jewelries are made from fresh water pearl, mother of pearl and sea shell. Clothing and household goods with embroidery are also handmade from natural material. When you love something, you think about it all the time and want to create all things to reach what you love, motivating our love to create very special and beautiful things. I hope you will share your thoughts and suggestions regarding LindyCrafts and my Story that I have shared with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to know LindyCrafts. Lindy Tran


Once receiving your order, we will turn your products around in 3- 5 business days.


We accept returns for freshly purchased products within 7 days from the payment.


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Once receiving your order, we will turn your products around in 3-5 business days.

Free Returns

We accept returns for freshly purchased products within 7 days from the payment.

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