Handmade palm leaf fiber clutch - The Hummingbird or butterfly
Clutch is made from durable, beautiful, and mold-free Palm Leaf fibers
These bags are handmade by the skillful women of Viet Nam with the deepest love for handcrafted products.

These products have been created from the natural Farria Palm leaves and from cotton plants of Viet Nam, integrated with high quality cow leather, sewn, and handmade completely.
If you love nature and protect the environment, you will definitely search for this plant and the products made from it.

Material: Palm fiber hook, leather inner bag, plastic bag shape. Beaded front. Bags with straps are metal chains.
Color: Green
Dimensions: W20 x H13 x Bottom 5cm

Color, size and/or texture may vary slightly

Handmade beaded he Hummingbird or butterfly

Made in Vietnam.

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