Handmade yarn wallet – Mini Hummingbird beaded - MADE TO ODER
n Life, whiteness symbolizes simplicity and purity. The integration of simplicity and thoughtful design creates an irresistable attraction the handbags of LindyCrafts exudes. More so, whiteness also symbolizes peace and deep understanding.
The craftsmen of LindyCrafts made these bags from natural Farria Palm leaves by hand throughout the stages of completion.
Treasured Butterflies, Birds with long pointed beaks, and Parakeets that are lively and lovely creatures have been designed by Craftsmen with natural gemstones.
LindyCrafts has a full selection of special colors for Fall and Winter that are approaching, and LindyCrafts Team can customize these beautiful handbags based on your personal needs.

Bag made from Leaf fibers of the Palm tree are durable, beautiful and mold-free  

If you love nature and protect the environment, you will definitely search about this tree and the products made from it.  

Material: Crochet by palm fiber, leather cover inside bag, bag shape made by plastic canvas. Logo or private name are beaded in front. Strap bag is leather with metal chains.  

Size: W25 x H18 x Bottom 12cm  

About 1 lbs  

Color, size, Logo/private name and/or motif may vary slightly  

Made in Vietnam 

Vietnam's yarn industry recorded a sudden growth in both export volume and turnover in 2021. Craft yarn Vietnam have been widely exported to many countries over the world.

Craft yarn Vietnam has many color and softly. So products made from craft yarn are beautiful, many style shape

Material: Crochet by craft yarn, leather cover inside bag, bag shape made by plastic canvas. Beaded embellished in front. Strap bag is crystal with metal chains

Color: White
Dimensions: W20 x H13 x Bottom 5cm

Color, size and/or texture may vary slightly

Made to oder - we delivery after 25 day after oder

Handmade beaded - The Hummingbird

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